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Belly Massage Technique

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Receiving a belly massage is perhaps one of the most intimate massages available in the world of massage. The belly is soft and vulnerable, unprotected, and so strongly connected to health, emotion, the deepest ego, and with sensuality as well.

The stomach often tends to collect various tensions. In the muscles and deeper organs of the belly we may notice pain, lack of blood circulation, a feeling of being rigid or bloated and perhaps cramps. This happens when something is wrong or when the body is at a loss where to send pent-up tensions.

Accepting and undergoing stomach massage requires trust and a complete yielding on the part of the one who receives. On the side of the masseur it requires a high level of sensitivity and awareness of energy.

I apply these techniques: butterfly floating, some millimeters above the surface of the belly, quiet touch, soft ‘effleurage’ stokes, stronger paths along the ridges of all bones, pressing the meridian pressure points. It includes the full touch of ten fingers held wide, with radiated warmth and attention.

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